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  187 Bar Reviews


This guide is intended for informational purposes only and is not an implied or actual endorsement of any of the businesses listed below. The drinking age in Nebraska is 21. Most of the bars listed below card at the door and do not let minors even enter the establishment. All bars listed are within easy walking distance of a comfortable alley. *Please Do Not Drink and Drive.! Finish all drinks before getting behind the wheel! *

The following rating system was borrowed and improved upon. Many of our devoted committee members have spent many months and long hours "researching" the following bars in order to provide the most accurate information possible. We hope you find it useful.


The Beer Mug Rating System

      Time loses its meaning. You will want to live here!

      Not bad. Start your evening here.

   Has three mug potential.

     An OK place to visit, but not to stay, or they have a lousy "your too drunk, no more for you buddy." Policy.

     Some place even 187 wouldn't drink.

Needs Updating!!!!
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