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  CLUB 187
Welcome to the new 187 Star City Chapter Web Site. The attempt is going to be made to keep you informed on the latest 187 happenings, New Games brought to you by 187 and anything else I can think of. Enjoy...
                  **187 Features**
Cooter's Neighborhood -
Find out what has been happening around cooter's neck of the woods

187 Games -
The finest games to play when you have some time to kill and alcohol to drink.

187 Bio -
Find out what 187 is all about.

187 Bar Reviews -
187 members check out the scene and give you information on where to go on your night out.
187 Calendar of Events -
Check up on past/present/future 187 events.

187 Racing -
Check out the Latest results on the Juggernaut Racing Team.

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