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Pirates of the Carodrinkin

Pirates of the Carodrinkin'
Another 187 Production

Pirates of the Carodrinkin' is a game to play while you are drinking. Kiko and Cooter developed it for play by anyone anytime anywhere, so long as you are drinkin'. This game is loosely based on the game 3-Man, which is also sometimes referred to as Beer Dork, combined with a kid's game borrowed from a fast food restaurant.

A minimum of 2 die are needed in order to play. Some paper to write down the list of possible "Pirate Names" and a pirate hat. If no pirate can be found then some other pirate artifact will suffice such as an eye patch or peg leg.

The first thing a player must do is find out his/her pirate name. To do this make three columns on a piece of paper and make 11 rows numbering them from 2 to 12. You will be rolling the dice to come up with a pirate name and since you cannot roll a 1 with 2 dice you must start with a 2. The first column should be filled with Adjectives. The second filled with nouns and the Third Proper Names. Here is an example…

Brown Ball Betty
Blue Boob Rod
Big Butthole Lenny
Small Pee-Pee Karl
Wet Nut Jimmy
Sloppy Chicken Cletus
Creamy Chimpy Cooder
Cack Slut Roscoe
Fuck Swab Enis
Loose Lips Jesse
Tight Face Vivian

The first player rolls the dice to determine the first part of his pirate name. Then for part 2 and 3. For example if someone rolled 11 then 6 and then a 9, their pirate name would be LOOSE NUT ROSCOE. Once everyone has a pirate name the task of determining a captain follows. This can be done on a volunteer basis or player can take turns rolling until someone rolls a 5. The first player who rolls a 5 is the "Captain" and must wear the pirate hat (or other pirate artifact).

The captain begins play and starts by rolling the dice. Play continues until a "nothing" is rolled. Every number rolled stands for some type of action that is to take place and here they are…

2 & Double 5's = New Captain
3 = Person AHEAD Drinks
4 = Nothing
5 = Captain Drinks (this is a 5 rolled or any combination equaling 5, for instance if a 5 & 3 are rolled, the captain drinks because the 5 was rolled or if a 4 & 1 are rolled the captain drinks because the total equals 5).
6 = Nothing
7 = Person BEHIND in the order drinks
8 = Nothing
9 = Person AHEAD drinks
10 = Social (explained later)
11 = Person BEHIND drinks
12 = Captains chooses 2 people to WALK THE PLANK and the Captain makes a rule.

*Social - A social starts out with the captain. The Captain must announce his Pirate Name and then place his drink in the center for the Social Toast. The next player in line announces his Pirate Name and this continues until everyone is done. If a player forgets his pirate name then he has broken the merriment of a social and must WALK THE PLANK.

*Walk the Plank - Roll for your destiny! If a player has to walk the plank he must roll the dice and drink the amount rolled.

*Doubles - When doubles are rolled the player who rolled can choose to make either one or two players walk the plank. This is done by handing out the dice, both to one person or one die to two players. Before the player hands out the dice he must announce the Pirate Name whom he has chosen to make walk the plank. This is done out of pirate honor and no player can be made to walk the plank with out his pirate name being called out. If a player giving out the dice cannot announce the pirate name correctly then that player must walk the plank himself for not properly honoring the pirate tradition. The only exception to this is when double 6's are rolled. It is the Captain's privilege to make anyone he chooses walk the plank without the tradition. Arrgh!

If the player who has been chosen to walk the plank rolls doubles for his destiny then the roll goes back to the player who initiated the plank walk. That player must then roll and drink double whatever he rolls. This would continue until someone failed to roll doubles, with amounts doubling every time.

Double 5s' = Whomever rolls a double 5 is the new Captain. If the Captain should roll this he may pick his successor.

This game is still in need of improvements. If anyone has suggestions on how to make this game better please contact 187.


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