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Crocodile Hunter Board Game

The Croc Hunter game when played with included instructions is very very boring. 187 has found a way to quadruple the fun in one easy step. DO NOT USE THE CARDS PROVIDED!

Everything except the playing cards.

Assemble the swamp as normal except for the "Free Space" in the corner. There is no hiding from Aggro in this version.


Players set their game pieces anywhere on the "fence". No one may hide behind any obstructions.

Each player takes turns letting Aggro loose. Aggro's job is to knock you from your perch and then "chomp" you. This is done by your playing piece falling into the pit. You are allowed to protect yourself from falling into the pit by swatting at your game piece, as it is airborne, attempting to knock the piece from landing in the pit. Other players are also allowed to do just the opposite. Once your piece has landed in the pit Aggro must touch your piece. This is known as "being chomped".

When a player is in peril of being chomped it is customary for other players to chant "CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP", while banging on the table. This is done to encourage the rage of Aggro and make the player who has fallen into the pit feel humiliated.

Players who have fallen into the pit are required to drink before they may replace their piece back on the fence. Players chomped by Aggro must drink double whatever the going drink rate is.

Play is done in rounds of 4. Since there are 4 player pieces each player starts Aggro 1 time. This counts as 1 round. Once a round is finished player are allowed to reposition their pieces elsewhere on the fence. As the rounds progress so do the number of drinks required to replace pieces atop the fence. The normal number of drinks per round is as follows,
ROUND 1 - 1 Drink
ROUND 2 - 2 Drinks
ROUND 3 - 3 Drinks
ROUND 4 - 4 Drinks
Some other suggestions for round drinks are: 1-4, 2-3, 3-2, 4-1, 5-2, 6-3, 7-4, 8-5. This is a game consisting of 8 rounds and is designed for maximum consumption.

As with all 187 Games we encourage you to try out the games and let us know what comments, suggestions and ways to make play better that you have found.



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