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On this page I'll describe 187's beginning and subsequent existence: the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows.

We began as an excuse to get together and interact socially. It evolved into a underground movement which spans the globe.

We are always looking for potential members who have what it takes to:
     -have a great time.
     -enjoy the finer things in life.
     -be able to keep quiet about the comings and goings of the group.
     -have a well developed sense of your primitive self.(figure it out)

Must also be able to attend a PN and be willing to endure the treacherous initiation we have set up.

Date of Birth: 02-14-1997
Founding members: Kiko,Lamont,Cooter,Ninnygoat
Reason for Organization: Elite must have a name
First Professional Role: Bettering the human race
Social charities time is donated to: Bars everywhere

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